Directorate of Textiles is mandated to provide service to the textiles & garments sector. In order to fulfill the huge demand of textile technologists and technically skilled manpower for textile sector, this department is taking care the public sector textile education only. Since 1978 Directorate of Textiles is the pioneer of development of textiles Sector. Directorate of Textiles has successfully completed 9 (nine) projects aimed at modernizing the textile sector and increasing the number of textile educational Institutions throughout the country. At present there are 8 (eight) different projects are in implementing stage. Directorate of Textiles is regulating 5 (Five) textile engineering colleges, 3 (Three) textile institutes and 40 (Forty) textile Vocational Institutes.
Directorate of Textiles now wants to diminish service seekers harassment and difficulties to get desired services. There are two types of service seekers like investors & employees of this department. Although DoT officials are enthusiastic to deliver services to service seekers quickly, manual system hinders to deliver preferred service in time. People have to visit several times to the office to get the service. DoT has developed One Stop Service which reduces service receivers' harassment. But we are observing that people are still suffering as the no of visits and its' related costs are still remain same. To find solution of this issue DoT Innovation Team proposed for a project titled “Online One click Registration & Other service delivery by Directorate of Textiles by developing an e-centre network using ICT' to SIF fund and awarded for the fund. This project is aimed to simplify the work process using ICT and the service seekers will save time, visit & cost (TCV).
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